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The Moselsteig Day 3: Steepest Vineyards in Europe?

Our hike along the Mosel River today was short, but challenging. Like yesterday, there were signs warning us that we needed to be sure footed, couldn’t have vertigo, and gave us a sense of danger. Yesterday, it was much ado about nothing.

Not today.

We started our hike on the Moselsteig trail which took us across the river from our gasthaus in the town of Neef, and up a steep hill. But then we dropped down the hillside and took a path that is advertised as being on some of the steepest vineyards in Europe. One of the vineyards lists itself as “the steepest.

We believe them.

The route wound through forests, vineyards along narrow, rocky trails. Many sections required us to use ladders or cables that were mounted in the rock, and paired with rebar steps. I thought that some of the Cinque Terre paths were steep. Those were a warmup. Fortunately, despite the risky terrain we survived without falls, scrapes, or bruises. We were rewarded with amazing views of the river valley and villages below—yes, those picturesque German villages that once made me want to throw up as they were so ubiquitous.

The hike was difficult, but short, and we arrived in a river town filled with small wineries and a few choice restaurants. Plus, one place that turned out to be perfect for sampling some local liqueurs. Good thing we took the train home to our gasthaus.

The normal Mosel walk is 24 days and we sampled it with a stretch of three days. I can imagine returning in the future to do all, or at least, more of it.

Trip Update

We’ve been in Germany for almost three weeks and leave tomorrow for the next major segment in Trev’s master plan. It has been fun to spend more time in places that we just briefly visited when we were stationed here in the late 80’s, early 90’s. And, great to brush up on the rudimentary German we had mostly forgotten. We will talk more about our German adventures in a future post.

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  1. My friends Steven and Eileen Simon share your incredible journey with me as I too traveled a stretch of the Camino
    four years ago. I loved my experience, it was a true Pilgrimage, of a different kind. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Karen

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