Day 32: The Road Less Traveled

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference. From The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Yesterday many of the friends we have made continued their journeys toward Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port, the start of the Camino Frances through Spain and probably the most famous […]

Day 31: Heading North

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A short post today as there is no Wifi in our gîte. Which is too bad as very interesting things are happening. But, we do have the usual Relive video with some great pics. (Nice job, Laurie.)   We have turned north from the normal French Camino route to join up with the Camino del […]

Day 30: At Home

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Q & A Section We had several good questions of general interest (sorry, Tom, not yours) so figured we’d cover them today. Q from Jim R: What is a gîte? Most nights we stay in a gîte which is a usually a privately owned home. It can be a standalone place (see yesterday’s post where […]

Day 29: A Most Unique Gîte 

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The Gite Restuaration Rapide Arret et Aller is located on the outskirts of the village of Argagnon and is run by Linda, an English woman. It is a colossal place built in the 1700s. What made it truly unique though, was the on premise menagerie. Ducks, chickens, geese, and a turkey roamed the yard next […]

Day 28: Getting There

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Today, we’ll start with the Q & A Section From Sue B.: “What do the route markers look like or are you following a specific map? Okay, you probably use GPS. I’m old fashioned.” A: What a coincidence. I was going to address this very issue sometime soon, so today is as good as any […]

Day 27: The Family Business

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Many of the places we stay at are small, family businesses. Sometimes run by a couple, sometimes just a single owner. Last night we stayed at a Hotel-Restaurant run by a couple with a young son. It was an opportunity to see French life in action. When we arrived in the late afternoon the father […]

Day 26: 1000

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And I would walk 500 milesAnd I would walk 500 moreJust to be the man who walks a thousand milesTo fall down at your door Lyrics from ”I’m Gonna Be” by the Proclaimers The number 1000 has come up a lot recently. First, this pilgrimage will be (roughly) 1000 miles for us. Today, we reached […]

Day 25: A Bit of Wild Life

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In the wee hours of the morning we were woken by thunder. For half an hour we listened to the storm and counted the time between flashes of lightning and the resulting thunder. It got within a mile of our gite. We hoped that the storm would get the rain out of the local weather […]

Day 24: A Petite Pause

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Today was just as hot as yesterday—in the 80s. Fortunately our trek was only about two thirds as long as yesterday and the first half was in fog or with an overcast. Random observations: In over three weeks we’ve only encountered two other Americans. One was a brief encounter as she was on her final […]

Day 23: Hot and Long

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Our area of southern France is experiencing a minor heatwave. Our walk today was long with temperatures in the 80s, so the pictures and Relive video are going to have to tell the story. It didn’t help that I somehow lost my hat. Yes, I am very sad. My phone number is in it. Hopefully […]

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