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Stopover in Paris: Notre Dame

We arrived in Paris this afternoon and will spend three nights here before we take a train this Friday—Good Friday—to Le Puy, the starting point of our pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in the far reaches of Spain. Our Airbnb is in the Latin Quarter. Only a few blocks away is Notre Dame. In our previous visits to the City of Light we have visited this grand cathedral and went to mass there on the way to our first camino in April 2016. But on April 15, 2019–three years ago, fire gutted this monument.
When we approached Notre Dame from the front this afternoon, it looked almost normal. But as we walked the perimeter we could see the damage and the activity of renovation.
Someday, we will worship within her walls again.
For more information about the fire and recovery of Notre Dame visit

Our Airbnb across the River Seine from Notre Dame is rather small, but ideally situated for a short stay

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  1. Hello Dennis and Laurie, Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks like they are making good progress. Happy travels.

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