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Portugal: Fisherman’s Trail, Day 2

Day number two on the Fisherman’s Trail was hot with temperatures in the 80’s with direct sunlight. Soft sand made the going challenging but we didn’t have some of the hills that we did yesterday. Like yesterday, every time you turn a corner you find another amazing view of hidden covers or beaches with clear waters in various shades of blue and turquoise.

Like yesterday, we saw a few fisherman but many more storks. The trail took us closer to nests today and we saw at least one nesting pair with chicks. That pair did the unique clacking sound where they throw their heads back and bring their beaks together like a set of castanets. Supposedly the sound is used for courting or warning of danger.

One nice thing about the trail is that the colors of the blaze, or marker, for this particular trail are a blue and green that are a close match for Seattle Seahawks colors. A pleasant reminder of home.

It has been a long and hot walk and the beach bar we hoped to stay out for a snack was closed, so this will be a short post. Enjoy “Relive”ing it with us.