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Port of Call: Ponta Delgado, Azores

Our second, and last, island in the Azores was too big to explore in a day. We missed some spectacular lakes and a tea plantation. But we did walk through a great garden initially started by an American ambassador in the 1700s as well as enjoyed a meal cooked by volcanic heat. The people here take it in stride that they’re sitting on not-extinct volcanos, those of us who were stuck in Eastern Washington for three days when Mount Saint Helens blew up might not be so calm if we lived here.

We also relearned a lesson that even an island can have several towns or locations with the same name. That explains a detour on the Relive video. 

In Ponta Delgado we also saw a number of graphics painted in the marina by sailing ships that had completed transatlantic or other memorable crossings. During Covid Laurie and I got into watching two sailing Vlogs (Video Blogs) on YouTube about couples who bought sailboats and moved onto them. Check out Ryan and Sophie Sailing or Project Atticus if you’re curious. I used to work with Ryan and we just stumbled onto the Atticus one—whose couple is now raising a newborn on their ship. While we find it fascinating, we’ll stick to landlubber vagabonding for the most part. 

On to Spain

Trip Update

This post would have been published last week, except for the fact that the Wi-Fi on the ship made us nostalgic for the speedy days of dial-up modems. If you’re too young to remember that, recognize sarcasm. Now that we are on the continent we expect those issues to be more infrequent.