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Port of Call: Malaga, Spain—The Little Hike of the King

Our posts are a bit out of sequence and much delayed due to technical issues. As the Captain of our ship said, “The internet onboard is [excrement].” 

At our first stop in Spain we opted for a shore excursion outside the city of Malaga. We walked what is known as the Caminito del Rey through a mountain valley—a path not recommended for the faint of heart. Just short of eight kilometers in length, but great scenery as you’ll see in Laurie’s Relive video.

The Caminito was built in the early 20th Century to help with the construction of a hydroelectric dam. It features narrow pathways built into canyon walls. When King Alfonso XIII inaugurated it in 1921 by walking a segment, they named it “The King’s Little Walk” in his honor. 

For many years it fell into disrepair and five risk takers paid the ultimate price around the turn of the century. It was restored in 2015 but is still has heart stopping pathways.

Check out this link for more info:

Trip Update

Today we disembarked after two weeks on the ms Oosterdam—our first ocean crossing. We are in Cinque Terra, Italy for the next three days.

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  1. Our Tacoma Camino group friend, Jim, tried to add this comment. Check out the video link and you’ll understand why there were fatalities:

    If you haven’t watched this video from 2008 before the restoration you may find it breath taking.

    I really enjoy your updates. Thanks for posting.


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