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Nothing Like Being There

ring-in-handOne of the great things about traveling is the opportunity to visit the locations of historical events and legends. During our stay in England we visited Westminster Abbey and another site related to a very interesting story about the apostle John. I mention this legend early in my novel, The Last Apostle

The story about art related to a King, his ring, and the last apostle is on my personal website. Here’s the first few paragraphs:

A Kernel of Truth

Popular novels often have an element of truth in them that makes them at least semi-believable. They use real places, persons, historical events, or myths that let the reader believe that even if it’s fiction, it could have happened.

How about a legend involving an 11th Century English King, his ring, and a still living apostle? This little known story is preserved in Westminster Abbey art and a stained glass window in a nineteenth century church in a London borough. Recently I had a chance to observe the artifacts commemorating this legend first hand.

Read the full story and see the pictures here

Trip Update

Pilgrims Statue on Camino de Santiago

Pilgrims Statue on Camino de Santiago

We’re back in the Puget Sound area to spend the holidays with family. I have several speaking engagements scheduled and then in February we plan on driving across the US to visit friends and spend time seeing our own country. We’ll finish off with Route 66 in the early summer.

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