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Muxia: Last Day on the Trail

I think life has got to develop as you get older, and I don’t want to be wandering along doing the same old thing. I want more out of life.

Michael Caine
Beach on the Camino approaching Muxia

Our journey is not over, but we have had our last long day with backpacks. After a brief sojourn in Fisterra—the end of the earth—we cabbed/hiked to Muxia, another notable Camino village located north of Fisterra. The leg that we hiked started at the beautiful seaside village of Lires and wound through mostly quiet country roads and forest paths. The fairly steep hills we encountered were worth it. And while we started out with a light mist, it quickly gave way to sunny skies.

When we visited Muxia in 2016 it was windy, overcast, and not a great stop. This year the weather was amazing and we had a chance to explore and enjoy this village. We had a German companion we had befriended at our Albergue in Fisterra for part of this trip. We had some open discussions about life and politics in both of our countries, something we usually avoid. Frankly, we often joke that we’re Canadian so we don’t have to have those conversations, eh? But spending time with him was genuinely interesting.

Enjoy what may be the last Relive of this trip to celebrate our last long hike. We still have stays in Madrid, Barcelona, and Iceland ahead and we’ll write about those experiences, but, the long hikes are probably over for this trip.

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