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Manatees in the Murk

A full-grown manatee, which can weigh more than 1,000 pounds, looks like the result of a genetic experiment involving a walrus and the Goodyear Blimp.
Dave Barry

West Indian Manatee (Photo courtesy of River Ventures, Crystal River)

One of Laurie’s goals on this Journey Across America was to swim with the manatees. We did that last week in Crystal River, Florida. It was fun, even though water conditions were murky and many of the manatees have migrated from the area to other waters.

Enjoy the adventure in the short video following.





We saw a number of adult manatees and several calfs. The adults average 1000 pounds and ten feet in length. They are wild, but gentle, animals. You’re not allowed to harass or impede them but they don’t have the same rules.

Gator warning. Florida is not for wimps.

Trip Update. We are eight weeks into our four and one half month Journey Across America. We entered Florida last Sunday and have only spotted one small (18 inch) alligator. The other million or so gators must be hiding. We set off Easter Sunday, after church, for Fort Meyers on our way to a few days in the Everglades. I expect we’ll see a few more there.



9 thoughts on “Manatees in the Murk”

  1. Hi, folks,
    Loved the manatee video–didn’t realize these had bumpy skin–kind of like an overage jicama! Glad to see your beer posts on Untappd, too!

    1. In the animal kingdom they’re related to the elephant. The skin looks a lot like them.
      Trying some good beers in this far end of the country!

  2. We may try to do another swim with the sea cows (manatees) tour on the east side of Florida in clearer waters. But during the next few days we’ll be in the Everglades where we expect to see more than a few gators!

    1. That was a funny dialogue you all had with those “cuties” in the murk!
      Thanks for that. So NOW I won’t need to do that experience!
      Of course, I never heard of them before, but I enjoyed seeing
      your experiences!

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