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Loire Valley: On the Path of Joan of Arc

For our last day in the Loire Valley we visited an historic chateau, or what is left of it. The fortress that overlooks the historic town of Chinon is know as the location where Jeanne d’Arc met with the crown prince and convinced him that she had been guided by visions from an archangel and several saints to help him save France from the English. He was convinced and sent the seventeen year old out on a number of military campaigns.

She had mixed success and was executed as a heretic while a prisoner of the English, but is credited with inspiring France at a critical time. Her reputation was later resurrected and she is now a patron saint of the country.

Temperatures today spiked at about 85–maybe hotter on the pavement. We spent several hours touring Chinon before heading to our final chateau of the trip—Chateau du Riveau. This picturesque place is both a residence and a showcase for art. A sign at the entrance asks visitors to close the door behind them—so the peacocks don’t get in. The residents also have a sense of humor. Note the center picture in the top row below: a French Jackalope?

The history of the castle noted that Joan of Arc once visited, in search of war horses. That girl got around. I think it would be interesting to learn more about her. Anyone have any book recommendations?

Scenes from our last day on the trail.

Shout out to Loire Valley Breaks

We usually plan our own trips but Trev opted to book our final week together with Loire Valley Breaks, run by Mark and Debbie, English expats. They provided us with equipment, transportation, and morning and evening meetups to discuss routes. They were very flexible and had options for bad weather and catered stops and daily plans to our interests. They do more than just bike trips so look them up if you want to explore this part of France.