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King Ludwig’s Way Day 3: Don’t Let the Rain Come Down

We have been really blessed on this trip weather wise. Although there have been periods of rain none really fell on us during our hikes.

Until this morning.

After a fabulous breakfast at our gasthaus this morning, we walked out and were greeted by a light drizzle. Light enough that catching a bus or waiting it out wasn’t an option, but heavy enough that the rain jackets and backpack rain covers came out. And I, for one, wondered if leaving the rain pants back home to save weight wasn’t a bad idea. Fortunately, within a few hours the drizzle turned into damp fog.

Today was supposed to be a long and challenging day, including one section where over a one-and-one-half mile section of trail we would climb a steep hill with over 2600 of elevation gain, then descend the other side. The reward was a great view over the local Bavarian scenery. When Trev noted that the mountain was cloaked in fog he suggested we skip the climb and take a shortcut on flat ground.

We unanimously agreed and voted to extend his assignment as trip leader. He should have held out for a raise.

The final segment of the trip involved a trek though what is called “The Grand Canyon of Bavaria.” It’s a trail through a valley that is treacherous enough that it has an alternate route for bad weather. We took the “Grand Canyon” trail and had some great paths and views, and slogged through some muddy bogs. I’m sure in good weather it is fabulous. Today wasn’t good weather.

Fortunately our lodging tonight is warm, dry, and has a well stocked kitchen. And the sun is out—finally.

And, today is Mutter’s Tag on Germany—Mother’s Day just like in the US. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all others out there.