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King Ludwig’s Way Day 2: Active Recovery

Day two on this trail was what our guide book calls “active recovery.” A much shorter day than yesterday. It was nice to start our recovery with a ride across the lake on a paddle boat—first time we recall being on one. The ornate wood looked like it would be fit for a King. Ludwig did at one time have an elaborate steam powered paddle boat, probably much more ornate than this one.

Yesterday we noticed that there were a number of Camino de Santiago signs on our path. Last year we walked through France with a young man who had started in Munich. Today we met a local who said we were on a not-so-well known part of the Camino called the Munich Camino. He started doing different Camino segments in 2000 and had a much better memory of the towns on different routes than we had. He is walking part of the Munich Camino this year—but not to Santiago. Probably a good plan as one sign we saw today said that Santiago is 2605 kilometers (over 1600 miles) away.

The hike today was cool and overcast—great hiking weather but not so good for pictures as you can see. The forecast rain held off and backpack rain covers remained tucked away. We walked through forests, farmlands, and small towns.

In one section of farmland we ran across the friendliest herd of cows we have ever encountered. They ran up to the fence and were happy to have their heads scratched. They were even happier to be hand fed some leftover granola and grass. Kim was a big hit with them and even got a big smooch. She said they have “fresh breath” that smells like grass. The rest of us took her word for it.

Another element of recovery was walking into a small town that showed no open restaurants, cafes, or bars. Fortunately, Trev scouted a gasthaus (combination hotel and restaurant) that looked closed, and found that it was indeed open. German style French Fries make a great afternoon snack—especially washed down with a beer from the monastery we visited yesterday.

Anyone recognize this model of classic car?

Laurie’s Relive video highlights the great gasthaus where we’re wrapping up our recovery day. The mileage does include a train ride to our starting point and the ferry ride in the paddle wheeler.

2 thoughts on “King Ludwig’s Way Day 2: Active Recovery”

  1. Morlene Mitchell

    Thanks for taking us along on your hike! Robb and I enjoyed seeing the natural areas as well as the surprising paddle-wheel ferry and amazing church interior. About that fab classic car! According to Wikipedia: “The Borgward Isabella is an automobile which was manufactured by the Bremen based auto-manufacturer Carl F. W. Borgward GmbH from 1954 to 1962.” The query also returned a link to 8 or 10 Borgward Isabellas for sale, from barn finds to gorgeous show cars.

    1. Thanks for checking on the car. This one looks like a show piece. Nice that they display it in a carport. Explains why we’ve never heard of this brand before

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