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Day 9: Matosinhos to Vila do Condi. Nunc Coepi

“If I should fall even a thousand times a day, a thousand times, with peaceful repentance, I will say immediately, ‘Nunc Coepi’ [Now I begin]”

Venerable Bruno Lanteri, 18th Century Italian Priest

After a great break to recover in Porto, we did, as Bruno Lanteri advocates above, Nunc Coepi or begin our Caminho. Porto was a great place to recharge as we had spent three weeks there after our first Camino and loved the city. With only three full days our time was limited but we did manage to explore favorite spots again and took a full day tour up the Douro River with a small group that included visits to two wineries, lunch in a local restaurant, a short cruise on the Douro, and interesting travel companions.

Our trek today started just outside Porto in the coastal town of Matosinhos. We walked the segment between that city and Porto back in 2016 and opted to not repeat it this morning.

The day was sunny and in the low 70s. Most of our walk was on the Atlantic Coast and the great majority of the trail was on boardwalk: some in great shape, some dodgy, some closed, and some buried.

For most of the day we had great beach views as you’ll see in Laurie’s Relive video.

We’re grateful to be back on the trail, meeting other pilgrims, and progressing toward Santiago de Compostella—out ultimate goal on this Caminho.

The Nunc Coepi quote from Bruno Lanteri at the beginning of this post was also popularized by former NFL Quarterback Phillip Rivers. This short article and video explains how he uses it both personally and professionally. He has nine kids—so has a lot of opportunities to teach the principle.

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