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Day 8: Alvaiazere to Ansiao. Regrouping, Again

Man plans, God laughs.

Yiddish Proverb
Morning Greeting Committee

The small town of Alvaiazere has a history that runs back to Roman times. The name comes from the Arabic word for “the falconer” as it was occupied by the Moors for centuries. But for us it will always be synonymous with—food poisoning.

Our one extra day here due to Laurie’s bout turned into two. Then, it hit me last night. Fortunately we had a short, 12 KM day scheduled, and by departing late and taking it easy we made it to our destination. The walk was mostly through quiet countryside with olive groves. There were a lot of abandoned buildings if any of our readers are interested in flipping a place, Portuguese style. We are heading north to Santiago (we hope!) and ran into a number of pilgrims heading south towards Fatima. The two overlapping pilgrimages have created some competition for beds in towns we wanted to stop in.

Between competing for rooms and recovering from our illness, we are opting to skip the next two stages and go to a larger town to rest. Hoping this will put us back on track for hiking.

Be sure to check out the goat encounter in Laurie’s Relive video. Sorry that the Live pictures didn’t capture the cackle of the goatherd. We were all amused at the reaction of the goats who weren’t sure we should be allowed to pass.

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