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Day 8: A Quiet Walk with a Little Adventure 

Today started on a variant route which would hopefully cut some mileage and since it was high would provide beautiful views. Cutting some mileage was important to me, Laurie, because in yesterday’s wet walk the back of my knee started acting up. It was a humbling reminder to me that we do this by the grace of God.

Walking up out of the town was beautiful. We saw manicured forests in Germany, but in this part of France it’s like the pastures are manicured with terraces, green grasses and old rock walls. Of course we still weren’t done with the impacts of yesterday’s heavy rain. The trails were slick with running water and at the bottom of one valley we came across a creek that wouldn’t normally be an issue, however today we didn’t see a way to cross safely without getting wet. So, off came shoes, rolled up our pants and headed across. Man was that cold. Northwest hiking was good training for France. 

The variant route was beautiful, not sure we reduced any mileage. It ended being almost 23 miles, not something I want to do again anytime soon. We’re settled in a medieval town for two nights to enjoy a rest day. Rest day means no post tomorrow. Hope you’re enjoying them.

Click here to view the Relive video with some great pictures Laurie captured: