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Day 71: On Final Approach

Some of our fellow pilgrims left Arzua this morning and walked all the way to our final destination on this pilgrimage: Santiago de Compostela. We opted to break the 25 mile leg into two sections as we’d like to arrive in the morning for breakfast, and not arrive exhausted. We stopped about seven miles short for the final stretch.

The camino changed radically for us today because of two factors: First, we joined the more popular ”Camino Frances” route; Second, you only have to walk the last 100 KM of the Camino to earn the compostela or certificate. The trail was swollen with other hikers laden with full backpacks, whose boots or shoes are also on their last legs. It is also populated with walkers sporting day packs and clean gear. I think there’s a reason that the name of the town Arzua looks almost like ”our zoo.” We also spent a good chunk of time dodging fast moving bicycles wrapping up their journey.

Also in our pictures is a friendly dog who stopped us for a pet. Early on in this journey Scott C. asked me to take a picture of a red dog. The Red Dawgs were the nickname of our Air Force Squadron. Hopefully this one—on the second to last day, fits the bill.

Our Walk Today

Once again I risk the family friendly rating of this blog by mentioning a town that we are in: Labacolla. The name translates to ”wash scrotum.” Pilgrims getting ready to enter the holy city were advised to use the local river for cleaning up. Fortunately, we have showers for that purpose.

6 thoughts on “Day 71: On Final Approach”

  1. I am grateful that you have reached your destination safely and without too many mishaps. I will truly miss your daily musings, the dramatic music on Relive, all your ups and downs, the pictures, and the wondrous information about local traditions and activities. Say a prayer for me at the cathedral for me. I hope we can get together when you return to Washington. A fellow HF parishioner, Mary Zoppi and her daughter Grace begin the trek on July 1st. I shared your blog site and hope she had time to look through the posts. Blessings my friends and again, thank you for sharing.

    1. Congrats on such an amazing accomplishment! And thanks for allowing us to travel along with you.

    2. Candle lit for you at the cathedral along with the prayer. Sorry we will miss the Zoppis. Would have been glad to talk to them.

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