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Day 70: Welcome to the Zoo

Today we arrived in Arzua—only two days from our destination. Our guide book warned us that we would go from about 50 pilgrims a day on our Camino del Norte to about 500 as the main camino—the Frances— join in this town. The bad news is the crowds, the good news is the people watching. We see a few people we recognize from our route—many more from the others. They range from people with dirty back packs and worn out shoes to some who look fresh and clean, as if they are here for a photoshoot.

It takes all kinds.

We had lunch with our camino amigo, Bob from Barcelona, at a great restaurant across from one of the most popular albergues in town. This restaurant is so popular that locals stand across the street and sit on curbs and are served drinks and snacks. It brings new meaning to curb side service.

The Monastery at Sobrado

On occasion we do get to play tourist. Yesterday we arrived in Sobrado in time to tour their stunning monastery. See some photos below. We also attended vespers (a prayer service they monks hold) in the evening.

Our Trail Today

Hard to believe that we finish this camino the day-after-tomorrow. At home in the Pacific Northwest we hear that it is in the 80s. Our walk started off in the 40s—good weather for a quick pace. In our morning coffee stop we encountered what we hope is our last hole-in-the-ground toilet.

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