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Day 7: Colvinos to Alvaiazere. Land of the Cork Trees

The weather forecast today was horrible, but it turned out to be better than predicted. Rain jackets were donned and doffed multiple times, but we didn’t have to bring out the rain pants.

One thing here doesn’t care about the weather: cork trees. You can spot them because the lower part of the trunk of mature trees has been cut off and in some cases marked with a number or year to show the next harvest. We understand that they can harvest new cork about every nine years.

Due to slow WiFi this will be a short post. Laurie did catch some good pics of cute dogs and amazing flowers in her Relive post.

We have run into many other pilgrims and are hanging out with an Australian, and Italian, and one from California. Trail is getting more crowded.

4 thoughts on “Day 7: Colvinos to Alvaiazere. Land of the Cork Trees”

  1. There was a picture of flowers before the pod with water Lillies in it. it was white with a purple ring at the middle. Large leaves. It is called a passion flower, your Grandma (my mom) had one off her back steps. Iooked just like that.

  2. Love the dog! Looks like a long, wet day. We have had graupel the last couple of days here. Felix Dia de Mayo.

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