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Day 69: The Highest Point

Midway through today we reached the highest altitude on the Camino del Norte—about 2329 feet. A landmark like that deserves an appropriate monument or marker.

You would think. Not even a paint line with a note. Where are the graffiti artists when you need one? It didn’t help that we had a Relive failure (this one was probably my fault) as the Relive videos automatically show the high point for the day. Regardless, it is a downhill journey overall after today. Only three days left.

Yesterday we managed to avoid the rain—until we were returning from dinner without our rain gear. We got soaked. Take a quick look at the video of the evening cattle drive through our village to get an idea what it was like.

Our Walk Today

Relive is missing the first nine miles of our journey due to the aforementioned operator (Dennis) error. It was cold enough that we donned wool gloves for the first time since France. Laurie did manage to incorporate the pics she took though.

If you’re stressed out, try watching this video of a waterfall for a few minutes. Just let it wash your troubles away.

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