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Day 63: Nine Days Left

We had a great day off for our anniversary celebration. The Spaniards (and French for that matter) love to eat late and an 8:00 dinner the night before starting to hike is a bit late for us. So we opted for a late lunch at a restaurant recommended by our Airbnb host. Luarca, where we stayed, is known for great seafood and the waiter brought out a plate so I could be introduced to potential dinner “partners.” See the first photo below. Laurie was not introduced to her dinner partner. Looking a calf in the eyes might have put her off the veal. Thanks for all the anniversary wishes. This is one to remember. Certainly beats our 25th where I was on-site at a project in Dallas and we just had dinner together.

Our hike today was mostly on the ”fantastic” level. We climbed out of the city and had a great view from the hill. Because it was cool and we had a nice breeze most of the day we really didn’t break a sweat till the early afternoon. We ran across very interesting preparations for a wedding. The path for the event was outlined in grass and hydrangeas—very unusual. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to wait to see it.

The forecast rain for the late morning didn’t materialize. Dark clouds on the horizon stayed on, the horizon. I had mentally written the post about the rain holding off. But, it did hit us the last hour. In the rain we missed our albergue and added a two extra, wet kilometers, to the long day. Turned out to be about 19 miles. Laurie got some great photos for Relive—until the rain hit.

And, as the headline suggests, we predict nine days of hiking till we reach Santiago de Compostela, our goal.

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