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Day 60: The Gift

Sometimes the camino provides us with a gift such as the wedding we stumbled across a few days ago, meeting up with a friend we haven’t seen for a month, or last night—a choir practice. We were walking to dinner and noticed the door of the local church was open, and we could hear music. We sat down and enjoyed it for a few minutes. In the short video below, you can too. A gift.

Our Walk Today

A short, but hot walk, with some interesting photos. Note the two public washing areas. We’ve seen these across France, Italy, and Spain in small villages. Some used running creeks as the water source. Locals could gather to wash their laundry. No longer in use, thanks to modern appliances. Note the statue of Saint James with a modern day pilgrim. Laurie thinks the pilgrim is drinking a beer. Tempting to slap a label on it to resolve the mystery.

6 thoughts on “Day 60: The Gift”

    1. The Spaniards co-opted the legend to help him drive the Moors out of Spain during the reign of Isabella and Ferdinand. I’ll look for a statue of that version.

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