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Day 59: The Big Leap

Today started with a one kilometer walk—to the train station. We’ve been warned by many other pilgrims that the segment from Gijon, our home last night, to Aviles is very industrial. As we watched out the window of the train, we were glad we skipped it. Lots of factories and more graffiti this morning than I’ve seen in the other 58 days on the camino, combined. But, we expect this to be our last “motorized shortcut” until we reach Santiago.

Our hike today had challenges of its own: heat, no convenient places to stop for a drink (or other functions), and some very poor trail markings. One of those days where the GPS routing on my phone is used to keep us on track or reroute us cross country to rejoin the correct trail.

Some interesting sights in the pics below

  • A US Post Office personal mail box. We’ve seen three or four since we started in France. Used by an American expat or fans of Americana?
  • A Pan (bread) box built into a gate. One of the more unique ones I’ve seen. I’ve noted before that you can get your bread delivered daily. Have not noticed a milk delivery service.
  • A sign for Calle del Peregrino or ”Street of the Pilgrim,” common on The Way.

Nineteen miles on the Relive video are by train. Subtract those miles from the total before you’re impressed.

6 thoughts on “Day 59: The Big Leap”

    1. Right. If the trail had followed the train line on the coast it would have been very nice!

  1. Kathleen Fish McLaughlin

    Dennis, we noticed the same thing while in Ireland last month. Even in Dublin It seemed that there were very few homeless as compared to even Spokane, which has a far smaller problem than Seattle or Tacoma.

  2. Interesting comments about the city and train. Do they have many homeless people there like we have in abundance here?

    1. In the big cities there are some homeless and panhandlers. But FAR less than in Tacoma or Seattle. Shows that we have a lot of work to do to resolve those problems.

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