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Day 58: A Hill Climb

We spent last night in Villaviciosa, the apple and cider capital of Spain. They like to pour their cider from great heights to aerate it. They tend to spill the first part. We did a taste taste of regular poured vs. high poured to see if we could tell the difference.

At least it’s a fun show.

Some of these pics of the Spanish apple capital were in Laurie’s Relive segment yesterday. They bear repeating.

Our fabulous dinner (see the post yesterday) helped fortify us for a long day and high climb—over 1200 feet. It was also sad to know that some of our friends will turn south to take the Camino Primitivo to Santiago while we continue along the coast. Hopefully we’ll meet up in Santiago.

It was our toughest day in several weeks and we debated between staying in a peregrino albergue or taking an apartment near the beach here in Gijon. The apartment is very nice. is our friend on this trip. Laurie is cooking dinner while I write this post so I’m tempted to stretch it out. But she would like the help.

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