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Day 57: It’s a Tough Job, But…

When we walked the Camino Frances six years ago, the food was pretty basic. French fries, chicken, sandwiches made with dry bread. Best described as ”fuel.” The culinary experience here on the Camino del Norte, much better.

One of our camino friends, Drew, has a father who took five of his grandchildren on the camino Frances—the best known part of the camino, the same one you see in the movie The Way. When Drew sends his sisters pics of the food we eat on the camino, often featuring seafood from the coast regions, they respond with comments about what their kids ate on the camino Frances with their grandfather: black coffee, the hard sandwiches, in general, bland. They say, it should be the trail of tears, not what we’re experiencing.

Today, we had our best meal ever in Spain. We are in the Asturias region on the coast and we had a three hour lunch featuring course after course of local cuisine. It featured small bites of seafood, the highest grade of pork, and vegetables served on unique serving dishes This restaurant is angling for a Michelin star and I think they’re on course. We prefer this meal to one we did eat in a Michelin restaurant. We were celebrating with a group that is breaking up. Some will continue on the Camino del Norte as we will, some will turn inland to make the trek on the Camino Primitivo, a shorter, but more difficult route.

Like the Camino Frances it is food for tough days, but it is also…fabulous.

Our Trail Today

A short walk because we will enter a region tomorrow with few options for lodging or services. We usually do about 15 miles (25 kilometers daily) but tomorrow will require closer to 20 miles, with a steep hill climb. The reward: a coastal town with working Roman baths and a place on the beach.

4 thoughts on “Day 57: It’s a Tough Job, But…”

  1. Your descriptions of restaurants, cafes, etc always makes me hungry, especially this one today! Again the scenery is spectacular! Goc be with you both!!

    1. I guess we’re doing a good job then 🙂 I would definitely return to this restaurant. It’s in the city of Villaviciosa and is called Imagina Gastro.

  2. So glad you’re enjoying the posts. It really helps us to have a daily record. After so many days it’s hard to keep everything in order. It’s really bad when we get to the end of a stage and have to ask each other, where were we yesterday? And how do you spell that?
    Blessing’s to you, Sue

  3. I start each day with your posts. Thank you for taking the time to bring us along with you and sharing the interesting details. I had been wondering about the food and today you answered my curiosity. Blessings my friends.

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