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Day 55: The Wedding

We were fortunate to stumble across a crowd assembling outside a stunning church about the time we wanted to stop for lunch. We sat at a short distance from the crowd and ate our picnic of bread and cheese we picked up from a market along the way. Not only was it one of the best spectacles we’ve ever had at a meal (even topping watching a barge loaded with cars sink while we enjoyed a dinner in Tacoma), but it turned out that we were part of the spectacle. Pilgrims are considered to be good luck. The photographer and videographer caught some shots of us, and two guests stopped by to tell us that we were ”buena suerte” or, good luck. One, a father with a one year old, borrowed a spoon from us to feed his little girl. Two bagpipers serenaded the crowd and announced the arrival of the bride.

About 90 minutes later we walked by the estate where the wedding reception was being held, and several guests we recognized pulled in. We considered inviting ourselves in for at least a glass of champagne, but opted to continue towards our destination.

Our Walk Today

The clouds overhead were threatening most of the day and we felt a few drops—including when we were enjoying lunch and watching the wedding gathering, but the rain held off. Basque country is over a week behind us and the architecture has changed quite a bit. Some of the houses in the beach communities we passed through have colorful paint schemes, reminiscent of the tropics.

We ran across a French pilgrim who marks each day on the trail with a notch on this walking stick, and the aforementioned market where we procured our lunch. We passed through the town of Poo. Frankly, a town with that name deserves more space, but it’s time to go in search of refreshments.

6 thoughts on “Day 55: The Wedding”

  1. Hi!
    I’m glad to see you are enjoying the necklace.
    The bagpipes….I was looking for a Scottish kilt thinking maybe a Scottish-French wedding. But it appears they are French bagpipers. Fun wedding for sure!

    1. There are a lot of bagpipers in Galicia—-our final region—-because the Celts also settled here. Not sure where these particular bagpipers were from.

  2. What an eventful day for you! Love the story of the Wedding! Ran the Sound to Narrows today, yet would love to be on that hike!

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