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Day 54: Beach Day?

Not so fast. Our plan today was to get to our destination, Llanes, in time to take a swim at the local beach. Turns out that it is a bit cool to hit the waves. But we did enjoy a great walk mostly through country roads with some stunning views of beaches and the Bay of Biscay. We’ll get in that swim in the ocean—soon I hope. Might have been our most beautiful views so far.

On the down side, the father-mother-son combo from Oregon that we hung out with for several days has come down with…yes…COVID. They’re off the trail for now while they recover. So far, no symptoms or issues for us.

Q & A…or today, Comments and Responses

In response to our disappointing day yesterday, Jim R said: [After a day like that] Would’ve had me the coldest beer I could get in that cool looking bar.

Fortunately, they had some good drafts and I did just that. It actually worked out in the end. The truck stop bar/hotel where we stayed had a quirky theme going—including Route 66 plates. And they served dinner at odd hours so we got to eat at 6:00, long before the normal Spanish or French 7:30 dinner time.

Our timing isn’t always the best—imagine stopping by Old Faithful in Yellowstone just after it blew. There is a location on the coast we passed today where there are some incredible spouts from a blowhole when the tide and waves are right. Rather than wait hours for that, I figured I would share someone else’s video. Laurie did capture a picture of the blowhole at rest in Relive.

6 thoughts on “Day 54: Beach Day?”

  1. You were right that was some of the best scenery yet! The you tube of the blowhole was magnificent reminding me of the one at Poipu Beach on Kauai, HI, though even more majestic! Praying your friends recover from COVID quickly.

    1. It does remind me of the one in Kauai. Wish we could have seen it live. Our friends are not only recovering, but are back on the trail.

  2. When I read blow hole I thought whales, I was wrong! Any skinny dipping in the creek under that bridge?

    1. No skinny dipping, but there was a fly fisherman. He looked very professional. Although I didn’t see him get a bite.

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