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Day 53: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

The best laid plans of mice and men [and pilgrims] often go awry.

Robert Burns

We had a great plan today. We were going about five miles beyond the normal stopping point to a camping/RV park—with bungalows for pilgrims—right near a beach. It has a pool and Laurie was going to have a chance to try out a new swimsuit we bought her in Bilbao two weeks ago.

During our trek the early morning clouds gave way to afternoon sunny skies. Perfect swimming weather. We got to the gate after a long day and found a sign on the door to reception:

Closed till June 24th.

Looks like we’ll wait till tomorrow to hit the beach. I’ve been told that as pilgrims, we must suffer.

Our Walk Today

We’ve left behind big cities for awhile and walked through small villages and beach towns. Laurie got some cute animal pics. We noticed pan (bread) deliveries taking place. In the USA we have the milk man, here they have the pan man who leaves fresh bread in bags on doors or in special boxes. They take their bread seriously in Europe.

The Relive video shows us heading to the beach campground, and then back to the nearest town where we’ve checked into what is best described as a truck stop hotel. It may show our path, but it doesn’t show our disappointment.

6 thoughts on “Day 53: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…”

  1. I planned a trip one spring to the canyons.
    I made sure that we had pools for Jer and his friend. when we checked in
    we were told it was too early for the pool to be open. grrr. But one of the places had
    a covered pool…the boys had a very long swim.

  2. What a pretty walk! And I have to say, the place you ended up looked good in the picture.
    I’m loving your posts, especially cause we’re having torrential rains. Ocean looks beautiful.

    1. It ended up having everything we needed, especially since the next alternative was an additional 4 km —if they would if had room for us. We’ve been very blessed and gotten to stay in some really great places.

  3. So sorry you didn’t get to swim. How warm is the ocean there? You all are winning. Hang in there!

  4. I so admire how y’all turn what would be a personal tragedy for some into something positive even though disappointed. The scenery was really pretty for you on this day. Would’d had me the coldest beer I could get in that cool looking bar.

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