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Day 52: Trail Fatigue

We confess that a few days ago we hit a point where we were getting a bit tired of the trail. 50 days—some hot, and some industrial areas were taking their toll. But meeting some peregrinos fresh to the camino, better scenery, and some cooler weather have lifted our spirits. Not to mention that we did some rough calculations and it looks like we have about three weeks left—the goal is in sight.

Our stay yesterday in Santillana del Mar was also rejuvenating. We stayed in a former convent and met many interesting people. Santillana is a wonderfully preserved medieval village with a well deserved reputation as one of the best spots on the Camino del Norte. According to our guide books, four decades ago the ground floors of local homes were filled with cows. Now there are cideries, ice cream shops, bars, and souvenir shops. I wish they had kept a few cows. There are even some ancient cave paintings nearby—which we couldn’t see in our short time. It is a nice town worthy of more exploration.

Our Day on the Camino

Cool weather helped us get off to a good start. About the time the rain started we found a bar for coffee and tea, and conversation with many of our fellow peregrinos from the albergue in Santillana. Great way to wait out the storm. Laurie caught some pictures of interesting birds and we’re hoping some of our bird loving friends can identify them in the comments section. We also saw a very small colt napping in a field. Looked to be almost newborn.

Help us identify the birds. Click on the pause button and expand the pictures.

6 thoughts on “Day 52: Trail Fatigue”

    1. We’ll that’s good to know. We’re used to seeing storks of church steeples, but not in cattle pastures.

  1. Hi
    I think your birds in the field are cattle egret (or great or snowy egret.) All are on Spain’s bird list. All are common here and all are white. They are heron cousins. T

  2. “We went a little further than required.”

    At our TM meeting today I was grammarian; so FURTHERmore,
    you should have said FARTHER than required.
    Farther refers to distance. So, Ha, Ha, Dennis! Gotcha!
    I’m an old geezer now, yet my English grammar awareness lives forever.
    Horrors, though, if it outlives me!

    I sure do enjoy seeing your daily travels and photos! You both are
    amazing with stamina!

    1. We’ll keep an eye out for the further/farther issue. Never too old to learn something, eh? Laurie said at the end of the day all the blood is in her legs, not her brain!

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