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Day 48: The Horse Race

Our publishing schedule the last few days has been iffy. We were treed by a wild boar and the WiFi up the tree was spotty. Well, the truth is that several days ago we saw a sign about wild boars in the area—have seen no sign of them. But we have had spotty WiFi in our albergues.

A short post because it was a long day. We got to walk with a number of others and had great conversations. Encountered horses on and off today—and avoided being trampled—as part of our trail was on an endurance equestrian event. Laurie caught some interesting pics for the Relive video. We are sleeping tonight in the city where Columbus’ flagship, the Santa Maria, was built.

We went to the local church to light a candle for Sister Betty McLellan, my (Dennis) first grade teacher; the person who taught me to read. Today she celebrated her 70th anniversary as a nun. Pretty special. Thanks for giving me a special skill. Sorry we couldn’t make the event.

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