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Day 47: Call of the Cuckoo

I promised our twitcher/bird watching friends a post dedicated to a bird…here it is.

During our caminos in Spain, France, and Italy, we often hear the call of the cuckoo, often several times each day. It seems to occur when when we’re doing something semi-foolish, so we have assumed that they’re mocking us. But we found out that in France, a friendly and informal way to say hello is “Coo coo.” We considered that they might be giving us a friendly greeting.

I still think they mocking us.

Cuckoo birds are elusive. Even though we hear them often, I’m not sure we have ever seen one in about four months of hiking in these countries. But, here is a video I recorded with the quiet call of a cuckoo in a background. Listen carefully.

And here is a YouTube video so you can see and hear one.

Our Walk Today

Some great views of the coast. The rain forecast for this afternoon failed to materialize—thank God. Laurie’s feet have improved enough that we are doing our normal 15 miles/25 kilometers a day. Met a family from Oregon (mom, dad, son in college) and it was fun to hang out with some fellow Americans. Also met Swiss, German, Chilean, French, and Spanish pilgrims. Laurie got some interesting pics of animals. Speaking of which, if you ever want more cow bell, check out this video. Are they as cute as the French cows?

More Cow Bell?

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