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Day 46: Bypassing Bilboa

Today we arrived in Bilboa, the fifth largest city in Spain—and then promptly bypassed it. Because of Laurie’s shoe failure and resulting blister, we had taken the train to Bilbao last Friday and spent two nights there so we could get her replacement shoes and let her heal up. Then we returned back three “stages” or walking days to our original point. Today we finally got to Bilbao on foot.

When we walked the Camino Frances across Spain in 2016 we were “purists.” Walked every step of the 500+ miles, carried our own gear, etc. No buses, trains, taxis, mules, etc. Because we’ve already explored Bilbao, and heard that the industrial part is pretty rough, we decided to skip part of this stage to make up some time. Fortunately the local metro took us eight miles up the camino and past this section. It also put us on a very long pedestrian/bike way that is well used by the locals.

The Relive video shows us doing 23.7 miles—but eight of that was on the metro. Laurie got some good shots of the bikeway and a very nice looking horse. Also one of a Chief Sealth (Seattle) quote in a cowboy themed bar where we had breakfast.

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  1. Like to slow the video down with finger on the line below the video & can read stuff & see the pictures a little longer. Did you find some grass to feed the horse?? I think they come to the fence as people will feed them grass. They have us trained. The ones around here sure have us trained. One neighbor brought carrots to feed the neighbor horses.

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