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Day 43: Up on the Farm

A short post because we are staying at a monastery with iffy WiFi. And because we we are taking some time to enjoy the beer that the monks brew here. Well, that’s my excuse.

Last night we slept in a cow shed. Well, it used to be a cow shed. Now it functions as an albergue. It is also a working farm with sheep, miniature horses, and three Vietnamese pot bellied pigs. One of the pigs (Rudy) is rather cranky—and randy. Because of our break to get Laurie new shoes we’ve fallen behind the friends we’ve made, but are making new ones. 

I call this video…sheep music. Laurie dared me to put words to it. It is rather catchy.

A longer day today to reach the monastery. Tomorrow will be short because we will be going to what is probably the most historic city in Basque Country.

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