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Day 39: The Real Answer is…

Imagine this scene from Jeopardy:

Contestant: “I’ll take Famous Explorers for $600.”

Ken: “This sailor led the first expedition to circumnavigate the world in 1522.”

Contestant: “Who is Ferdinand Magellan?”

Buzzer sounds. Ken: “Sorry, that is what most school children are taught. Magellan organized and led the 1519 Spanish expedition. But he died in a battle in the Philippines with the locals. Can’t really get credit if you died before the final destination, can you?”

Today we passed through the town of Getaria which is the home of Basque navigator, Juan Sebastian Elcano. Magellan started out with five ships and about 241 men. After Magellan died, Elcano eventually took over and returned to Getaria with one ship, and 18 surviving crew members in 1522. Getaria is justifiably proud of his accomplishments, despite the fact that you have probably never heard of him.

I hope these posts about the Basque country have intrigued you about this unique region and people. If so, be sure to check out The Basque History of the World by Mark Kurlansky.

Fire Hydrants. They like to encase their fire hydrants in France and Spain with a protective cover. Here are some interesting pics.

Today was one of those damp days where rain gear was put on, taken off, put on…repeat, repeat. We got some great views when the weather was clear. Glad to be settled into our albergue which is located in part of the train station in town

7 thoughts on “Day 39: The Real Answer is…”

  1. Another fun filled day of great views, hiking, food and friends. How many miles do you do this day?

    1. More specifically, we registered to stay at the albergue in town for five euros—about $5.25. Not bad for a bunk bed and hot shower—and middling WiFi.

  2. Your daily report has become an important part of my day. Managed to get sick and have been in hospital for a week. Home now and doing great. The stories and pictures have kept me in the real world instead of hospital. And course seeing your beautiful faces.

    1. Glad to provide any support, but you aren’t allowed to get sick! Glad you’re home. I trust George is taking very good care of you. I love you, Laurie

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