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Day 38: A Trail With a View

The forecast for this morning was, again, rain.

Thank God it held off and we finally got to see the great views mentioned by friends and guidebooks. The other big change is the numbers of fellow pelegrinos. In five weeks on the French Chemin we met two fellow Americans and a smattering of other native English speakers. Today we had a chance to talk to about a dozen fellow Yanks. Laurie said I’m catching up on 35 days of conversation.

We spent last night in San Sebastian on the coast. We were fortunate to have dinner with friends of a friend who live here. They took us to a local favorite where we ate pinchos—called tapas in other places. Small bites to share. Laurie skipped the octopus—more for me. As we walked out this morning we lamented that we hadn’t done a layover here. It looks like a great town to explore. Maybe when we finish up.

San Sebastian Beach

1 thought on “Day 38: A Trail With a View”

  1. Great day for you and beautiful views. Had dinner last night with our friends Andy and Donna Phillips. Andy just got back from hiking the same Route y’all are taking. Small world!

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