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Day 33: In An Emergency

A short post today because our devious hotel throttles uploads on their WiFi which prevents us from transferring pictures. Even worse, that means no Netflix tonight on the iPad mini. Hey, you think we hauled this thing along just to do blog posts?

Yesterday evening was a bit distressing. Because our gite doesn’t serve dinner our host made us reservations at the restaurant in town 1 kilometer (.62 miles) away. We had a nice walk there and a drink beforehand at the local bar where we played backgammon. Laurie is winning the current match, I won the last one. Then we walked across the square to the restaurant just in time for our 7:00 PM reservation. The owner met us and explained that she wouldn’t be opening due to a problem at home. Not great news after a long, hot (really long, really hot) day on the trail. We walked back across the street to the bar but found they wouldn’t be serving anything till 8:30. The small grocery was closed. Laurie confessed today that there were almost tears at that point.

Good thing we have emergency energy bars from our backpacking equipment in our bags.

Notes about the Relive video. We are deep in Basque country now and even many small towns have a fronton court which is used for pelota or Basque Ball. It is a high-speed, hand or racquet sport, very popular in these parts. More about it tomorrow, or when we have un-throttled WiFi again.

6 thoughts on “Day 33: In An Emergency”

    1. Thank you, I can always use a hug. No worries we’ve certainly made up for our “missed” dinner.

  1. It was just disappointing, we’ve had such wonderful meals here in France, I hate to miss an opportunity. Still the energy bars were fine and our host made us omelettes for breakfast, delicious.

  2. How terrible not to have a good meal after that long hike! Glad it was a cool day for you.

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