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Day 3: Cool and a Bit Wet

“A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles”

Tim Cahill

Today was one of those drizzly days where we donned our rain gear and then thirty minutes later took it off. Fortunately, it wasn’t bad enough to require rain pants, which are a real hassle. Just jackets and the rain covers for our backpacks.

Last night we shared a gîte with a French couple (a nurse and retired automotive engineer) who were only walking three days. Like many French we have met, they claim to speak very little French, but they are very good. And even taught us a few words and phrases.

We talked of many things, including the fact that the war raging in the Ukraine is just over 1200 miles from here—a 20 hour ride by car. But our part of Europe is peaceful. We met up with them on the trail for lunch. Unfortunately, they head home today so we won’t meet up with them again.

An overcast day at best, drizzly at worst. But some interesting photos in our trail video.