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Day 25: A Bit of Wild Life

In the wee hours of the morning we were woken by thunder. For half an hour we listened to the storm and counted the time between flashes of lightning and the resulting thunder. It got within a mile of our gite. We hoped that the storm would get the rain out of the local weather system and we would walk in dry weather.

It did. Most of our walk was under overcast skies with only the threat of rain. The 80+ degree temperatures dropped down to about 70.

Some of the food here is a bit unusual. Yesterday I had a burger canard—that is, a duck burger. Quite tasty. I also noticed that the French, great lovers and producers of fine wine, also enjoy wine in a box. Also known as Cardboardeaux (credit to Dick Rice for that pun.)

Most notable today was some of animal life we saw. We passed by a donkey farm and were unable to coax them to pose for pictures. Laurie spotted what looked like a muskrat in a slow moving canal. Her picture in Relive won’t wind up in National Geographic, but, it was an interesting sighting. We also saw a goose—standing in a house. I guess some people have a different idea for house pets. Of course, given what the French like to do with goose liver…

Questions? If you have questions about our experience or life on this adventure please post them in the comments. We’ll answer when we can.

4 thoughts on “Day 25: A Bit of Wild Life”

  1. Looks like you are having a wild ass time…..or domestic ass time! Your muskrat picture is like most of my beaver pics…..just a splash. Gotta love food trucks! Even the grocery variety. Keep up the great videos. We are enjoying them. T & F

  2. Dennis and Laurie, I’m so enjoying your daily posts, pictures, and observations. That Relive video is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

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