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Day 24: A Petite Pause

Today was just as hot as yesterday—in the 80s. Fortunately our trek was only about two thirds as long as yesterday and the first half was in fog or with an overcast. Random observations:

  • In over three weeks we’ve only encountered two other Americans. One was a brief encounter as she was on her final day but we ran into Luke from Boise again today. It’s nice hearing an accent from home and being able to talk in depth about different topics.
  • We crossed the Prime Meridian—this is the meridian that runs through Greenwich England and is the reference for Greenwich Mean Time, or in military parlance, Zulu Time. So now we’ve ”seen” Zulu Time.
  • Our midway point was also the home of a local bull ring. However, according to our Cicerone guidebook the local sport is non-fatal and often involves ”athletic cows” rather than bulls. Sorry, no events going on or I would have snagged a video. We saw a traditional bull fight in Spain once. Not fans of that kind.
  • There are more and more half-timbered houses in this area of the country. Early on we were seeing mostly stone. It’s fun to see different styles.

Scenes from the trail

Frogs with a French accent? We can’t decide if these frogs are laughing or if they have a French accent. Either way, they don’t sound like the ones at home.

Laughing frogs, or just an accent?

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