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Day 19: Generous Spirits

We’ve encountered a generous spirit many times among the French. Today, it was especially tasty. Under the hot afternoon sun we passed a strawberry farm selling their produce. On a whim we stopped in and tried to buy a small box. He gave them to us. Wouldn’t take our money. We had no way to carry them so we ate them as we walked. Earlier we stopped in a cafe for a drink and rest. As we left the owner was sure to give us directions in French, with a lot of pointing, to get back to the trail by the shortest route.

Laurie had a chance to share her generous spirit yesterday. For several days we’ve noticed a French girl who was wearing her backpack wrong. It looked very uncomfortable. She stopped Laurie yesterday since she noticed Laurie had the same model of Gregory backpack. She looks much more comfortable now.

We started our walk in the cool of the morning along a quiet canal. We saw very few boats or barges until one section. Several barges were occupied. Pretty sure not by Russian Oligarchs. The path is also used by a lot of cyclists. One stopped to talk. He had come from Paris and was heading south on a long distance ride.

In America some places still have milk delivery to the door. In some places they will delivery your bread or ”pain”.

Pain—French for Bread

A side note: this afternoon we passed through a small town called Bardigues. See the sign below. It struck me that this would be a great name for a character in a vampire story. Or maybe a gladiator movie. Other suggestions? Takers among my writer friends?

Check out the strawberries in the Relive video. If you want to see any more detail in the pictures use pause.

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  1. Hello Dennis and Laurie,
    Thanks for posting the sign with the quote from Saint Exupery, he’s a favorite author. Van also reads his work.
    Stay well,

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