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Day 18: Cinco de Mayo

Funny thing: they don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo in France like they do in the USA. Maybe because it commemorates a Mexican victory (involving a cattle stampede) over French forces sent by Napoleon III. It would be like our English friends commemorating the Fourth of July or Americans celebrating the fall of Saigon in 1974. I enjoyed a glass of Belgian beer, since there is no Mexican beer around.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

We also got to hung out with a fellow furry pelerin. Pixel is from Dunkirk, France. This two year old dog is still full of energy and very friendly. Check out her photos in the Relive video.

Despite all our long distance hiking we have gone years without blisters. However, Laurie has developed two on different toes. She thinks God is keeping her humble. Fortunately she is experienced at treating them. And one of our new French friends gave her a bottle of foot cream called Nok which is highly recommended. She will try it to see if it helps.

One of our unusual sites today was a dovecote—a house where doves would nest. When the owner was ready for a bit of roast pigeon, they would climb the ladder, select a few fat ones, and retreat to the kitchen. Sorry, have not seen dove on the menu here.

In addition to images of our new furry friend, Pixel, you’ll see pictures of maturing grapevines and other interesting crops in the Relive video.

7 thoughts on “Day 18: Cinco de Mayo”

  1. I loved to follow the yellow line as it advanced in Relive!

    So much for “as the crow flies”!

    1. I’m really enjoying seeing our day’s walk in video. It shows some towns we never even knew we passed.

  2. Will you be able to daisy chain your relive videos when you are done? Would love to see the whole trip. Think about it.

  3. Teresa sidlowski

    I’ve been meaning to ask how your bodies are holding up. So I’m sorry to hear about Laurie’s blisters. Those can be buggers.
    The countryside you’re walking through is beautiful!

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