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Day 18: Caldas de Reis to Padron. End in Sight

“Ocean in view! Oh! The joy!”

Captain William Clark, co-leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

William Clark was wrong—the ocean was not yet in sight. They were several days from their goal of reaching the Pacific Ocean on their multi-year journey. They had mistaken a saltwater estuary on the Columbia River for the mighty Pacific.

Fortunately for us, we are actually only one good hiking day from Santiago and we know it. Because there is something magical about walking into Santiago early in the morning and breakfasting at the Parador, tomorrow we’ll stay at an Albergue about a two hour walk from Santiago.

Our post today will be short as we are dealing with a problem that Lewis and Clark didn’t have—iffy WiFi. But we’ll take that over angry grizzlies and untamed rivers any day.

The weather this morning was sunny and cold as forecast—perfect hiking weather. It deteriorated in the afternoon and we did require some rain gear, but a definite improvement over the previous week. Another day of great trails well supported by cafes for a stop. And we came into our town for the night through one of the largest markets we’ve ever seen anywhere. Typical stalls of farm goods, clothing, and handcrafts, but spread out over a large area. Too bad we didn’t have time to explore it.

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