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Day 17: Halfway Across France

Today we passed the official halfway point on our French portion of the Camino. I wish we had a picture of it, but there is no marker. Maybe a good project for a French Eagle Scout candidate?

Last night our stay was at the former parsonage of a church in a small town. A local priest visits the church every night to wash the feet of the pilgrims and do a short service. The tradition comes specifically from the Benedictine order and we found it very touching. It was also moving that one of the other pilgrims asked to do the same for the priest.

We’ve met up with new people, including our first Englishman. Also roomed and hung out with several French pilgrims with excellent English skills. We’re even planning to meet up with one late this month for dinner. He finished up this week for now in order to go back to work. But he lives close to the French/Spanish border. Dinner at the parsonage was fabulous. Sleep, not so good. There was some snoring going on, at least some of it, mine.

When we get to a new town we usually go to the local church to give thanks. This afternoon we were pleasantly surprised to walk in on the organist practicing. Enjoy the minI-concert in the video.

Pretty scenery on our walk to another beautiful French town. This walled city is on top of a hill.

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  1. The town that had a walled city. Was it a low rock wall, more, here is the border of this city or did it seem in the past was it for fortifications? The rocks I see that build the little round buildings look like cement but what are they?

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