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Day 16: Arcade to Pontevedra. Splurging

“It’s good to be the king.”

Mel Brooks, History of the World Part I

We may not be the king (or queen) but we did splurge a bit over the last day. The food on the most well known Camino route, the Camino Frances as shown in the movie The Way, is better known as fuel than cuisine. Fortunately, other routes tend to have a bigger variety of options than chicken, fish, and French fries which are staples of the Camino Frances.

Octopus: it’s what’s for dinner

Yesterday we went to a local seafood restaurant recommended by our host. To our surprise it was a Michelin restaurant. I was a little concerned about the price but our total bill was less than 80 Euros—very reasonable given the quality of the octopus, shrimp, steak, and accompanying beverages.

And we opted to say in another Parador hotel. This one is a converted 16th Century Renaissance palace that was occupied by local counts. If counts lived like this, I can only imagine how the kings lived. But starting tomorrow night, we’ll be in more traditional pilgrim hostels/albergues. The splurging will be over.

I joked yesterday about the Galician horreos and how they were where bad husbands slept. Today we ran across one with a porch and some bedding inside. Maybe there is something to the story.

Horreo for a bad Galician husband?

I also mentioned in the post yesterday about how customs change in different regions. One that we notice is that of pan—the Spanish word for bread—delivery. As kids, we had a milkman deliver to our doors. Here, bread is delivered in bags or through special slots. They like their fresh pan, or bread. Last Camino several years ago we actually noticed signs warning pilgrims to keep their hands off the bread. Bad pilgrims—but not us.

We had spotty rain at times and then it started pouring. Fortunately by the time it poured we were having lunch at the Parador so were warm and dry. We had a pleasant walk with great trails and amusing animals as you’ll see in the video.

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