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Day 15: O Porrino to Arcade. Up and Down

“In America a hundred years is a long time, In Europe a hundred kilometers is a long distance.”


One of the fun things about hiking a camino is seeing how things change from region to region. Cuisine, local sports, and political alliances evolve over the space of several hundred kilometers. Now that we’re in Galicia, the northwest region of Spain, we are seeing horreos again. They are a peculiar rectangular structure that is elevated using stone or wooden poles. When we first encountered them on our first camino in 2016 someone joked that the were where bad husbands are kept.

If that was true, there are a lot of bad Galician husbands.

The answer is a bit more practical. They’re built to keep crops safe from mice and other vermin. Nowadays they are usually empty or filled with the usual homeowner detritus. But they also serve as a symbol of regional pride. You might see them in the yard of residents of other regions, showing that they are from Galicia. Much like you might fly the flag of your favorite football team on your house.

Today was a very up and down day. Literally as we had over 1700 feet of elevation change that you can see in the profile in Laurie”s Relive video. And the weather was a bit of a downer at times. Fortunately, it was more good than bad. And, she got a few adorable animal pictures.

Health Update: We’ve managed to get some miles, or, kilometers under our belt and are feeling pretty strong. Laurie’s right foot still has a touch of plantar fasciitis but it has been manageable. She’s nicknamed that foot “Dodger” as it is trying to dodge work.

2 thoughts on “Day 15: O Porrino to Arcade. Up and Down”

    1. Laurie says that Dodger isn’t happy, but I can tell you he also isn’t slowing her down. I had to work to keep up with her today.

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