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Day 14: Tui to O Porriño.

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”

H. G. Wells
Cathedral in Tui, Spain

Perishing may not have been in the cards, but adapting through quick changes was today. The weather was indecisive as it flipped from sun to showers to overcast many times. We shed and donned rain gear as we tried our best to keep dry, or semi-dry, and comfortable.

Glad our flat for tonight has a washer.

The biggest change is the swelling of ranks of pilgrims. To earn a Compostella, or completion certificate for the Camino, you must walk at least 100 kilometers. Tui, where we stayed last night, and Valenca, across the river in Portugal, meet that requirement and are popular starting points. We also saw about two dozen bicycle pilgrims (whom seem to have an aversion to using bells or voice warnings when passing) and Spanish Military soldiers who make no secret that they’re about to pass you as they run up behind you in their boots with full packs. Oh, to be that fit again.

As you’ll see from Laurie’s Relive video, we did have some great trails, interesting sights, and cute animals to admire—in between shucking and donning rain gear.

Update: We expect to arrive in Santiago de Compostella on Tuesday, May 21st— six days away.

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