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Day 14: A Walk in the Woods

Apologies to Bill Bryson for borrowing his title.

Every gîte has been fun and interesting in its own way. Last night we stayed at one in a very small town called Bach. Nicolas left his busy life in Toulouse several years ago for a simpler life running a gîte on the camino. I should have guessed we were in for an entertaining experience when I sent him a note that we might be a bit late as we had a long hike that day. He promised me a cold beer when we arrived. And, delivered. It was an excellent beer brewed locally by a friend who has his own micro-brewery.

We were actually greeted by Diego, his lovely partner at the gîte. She greeted us with a loud bark. She then fetched her frisbee. Diego is friendly, and relentless when it comes to playing. Nicolas speaks excellent English and wants to learn more so we had some great conversations. He also taught us some French and discussed culture.

For dinner we were joined by Peter the Hungarian, also relentless. He averages 40 KM (about 25 miles) a day and once did 57! We are doing roughly 30. He left his job working tech support for a Hungarian bank and said his professional job is pilgrim. We had a great time with Peter and Diego the Relentless pair, and our host Nicolas.

Most gîtes require reservations. Nicolas likes them but said he won’t turn someone away who needs shelter. He can accommodate 10 normally—21 in a pinch. We enjoyed our time there thoroughly.

Our walk in the woods was sheltered and cool for most of the morning. We ran into a number of other pilgrims we haven’t met before including Barbara from Bainbridge Island—near Seattle. She’s the first American we’ve met in three weeks. We met her on our walk into Cahors. Unfortunately she returns to America from here so we won’t see her again.

We are doing well on our schedule and found a nice apartment on so will take an extra day here. Cahors is the biggest town on this camino with a population of 20,000. It’s also roughly the mid-point so a great spot for a break. Which also means no post tomorrow. But Laurie got some great shots on this sunny day.

9 thoughts on “Day 14: A Walk in the Woods”

  1. Hello! Wow, I am so enjoying your journey. I have never seen this Relive app…just downloaded to use when my husband and I walk Le Puy to SJPP in August/Sept.
    Travelling from BC, Canada.
    What is the name of the gites that Nicolas runs.
    Your photo, descriptions, humour are wonderful! Thank you for allowing us to walk vicariously with you. It would be fun to have a beer with you!
    Cheers and be well,

    1. Gite La Rose de Bach is Nicolas’ gite. We’ll be in Victoria in August if you’re in that part of BC.

  2. Halfway already?!
    It seems like you just started.

    If you see a red dog, take a picture.

    1. Halfway (almost) through the French portion. The Spanish portion is just as long, or a bit longer. Will be looking for that dog.

  3. I love following this! I had an old AAA France map that I am marking when I can find the places.

    Are folks asking you about American politics? Primary ads for Idaho are now running. I know you miss that! Haha! Did the French elections have TV ads?

    Enjoy you day off!

    1. Not a lot of political talk. A lot of the French pilgrims seemed to feel the election was about which was the least worst choice. We’ve seen posters, but no tv ads.

      The rest day was very relaxing. We met some pilgrims for lunch and then a pilgrims blessing after mass. The weather has been nice and mild. We’re walking again tomorrow.

      Thanks for following

  4. Yes, Relive lets us pick the tune and Laurie selected that one as our “theme.” It is fun. Keep up the prayer!

  5. I don’t know if you have heard the “dramatic” music that is played as the little yellow line that marks your journey zigzags along. The music always makes me smile because of the drama! Enjoying your trip so much. Blessings on you both. Praying for your good health and safety.

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