Day 12: Bovine Hair Styles and Ancient Stone Houses

Posted by on Apr 29, 2022 in Travel Update | 4 Comments

We saw our first caselle yesterday, an ancient round, stone hut yesterday. Today we saw more—and were able go inside one. They look like they are “dry-laid” which means the stones are stacked one atop each other without mortar. We saw similar, but much smaller structures, in Ireland.

A short video tour

We still spend most of our days walking through the French countryside, where much of the land is used for cows, sheep, horses, and donkeys. Today we saw our first pig. Many of the lovely French cows sport the latest hairstyle, as with this reluctant subject

We enjoyed our stay at the gite on the outskirts of Figeac. The owner, Luc, has spent a lot of time touring the US and we compared notes on great places to visit. We met up with amis (friends) we haven’t seen for days and were able to catch up. Also meeting new people. Have yet to meet another American.

Our walk this morning started under overcast skies which kept it cool for a good part of the day. Ideal hiking weather, but not great for photos. Laurie still managed to get some good shots for the Relive recap. Enjoy!


  1. Teresa sidlowski
    May 1, 2022

    Things are looking up, it appears, neither of you had your coats on.

    • Dennis Brooke
      May 2, 2022

      Yes…in the low 70s by early afternoon. No coats even in the morning.

  2. Terry
    April 30, 2022

    This was a tough day for you. I love and miss you both. Thank you for these messages

    • Laurie
      May 1, 2022

      It’s been warm the last couple of days. Actually have had to breakout sunscreen 😎