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Day 11: Settling Into the Life

Our feet and other body parts seem to have given up their more serious protests and given into the fact that we intend to make this trek. Despite all our prep and training, my feet were giving me some pain on the first two days and Laurie had some tightness in the tendon and muscle behind one knee. But we’ve settled with minimal use of painkillers (other than French wine) and feel much better.

We had our first sighting of a caselle—a round style hut that can be seen in the region. Sorry, we couldn’t get interior shots.

A Caselle

The French seem to like robot lawn mowers. We’ve seen this model in action several times. I think it was heading for my toes.

Good news, bad news, on the technical front:

  • Another failure on Relive so no video of the route. Too bad, it was an interesting hike. We still have photos from the day.
  • The comments function is now working. No, really, give it a try. I had to engage technical support from our webhost (—I HIGHLY recommend them if you’re looking for a website host) and they helped me identify the problem and fix it.

Some selected photos from the journey today. We walked about 15 miles from Livinhac-le-Haut to Figeac where we’ve settled into a private room. We will be going to a blessing for pilgrims at the local cathedral at 6:30.

8 thoughts on “Day 11: Settling Into the Life”

  1. First off, I love your mom’s comment, gave me a chuckle imagining the search.
    Glad your bodies are settling in, every time I see your relive miles, my body hurts.
    Looks like an amazing trip, have fun.

  2. I’m enjoying following your journey! The pictures are beautiful, and the Relive videos are fun to watch. Looking forward to more.

  3. Really beautiful scenery, still impressed that one never sees telephone and electric poles anywhere. Are they there? Are the utilities all underground. Glad your feet and Laurie’s knee are better.

    1. Most wires are above ground here—we’re just good at avoiding them with our cameras. But our pics rarely do the scenery justice! Dennis

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