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Day 10: Vila do Conde to Esposende. Normal Again

”Walking is the rhythm of life.”

Gary Snyder

Day two of our “reboot” on the Caminho Portuguese and things are back to normal. Normal being wake up, pack, walk, stop for coffee, walk, break for lunch, finish, wash clothes, write, eat, sleep.

It’s a little more complex than that, but you get the idea.

Over these two days we’re close to our normal distance of 25 KM/15 miles. Because of a bit of foot pain we are a bit slower than normal as in we get passed—a lot. But we are back on track. It is also good to run into many more pilgrims from locations ranging from Australia to Hungary.

The weather was overcast and cool this morning which doesn’t make for good pictures but does make for good hiking. As with yesterday a good portion of the day was spent on boardwalks with the Atlantic Ocean to our left. But in only a few days we turn inland—and cross into Spain.

Enjoy Laurie’s Relive video—which includes us being buzzed by an unusual aircraft. And say a prayer or two for our feet.

4 thoughts on “Day 10: Vila do Conde to Esposende. Normal Again”

  1. It’s actually a 13th century (post Roman) aqueduct that was six kilometers and 999 arches long. Was built to serve the local monastery. Very impressive.

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