Day 31: Heading North

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A short post today as there is no Wifi in our gîte. Which is too bad as very interesting things are happening. But, we do have the usual Relive video with some great pics. (Nice job, Laurie.)   We have turned north from the normal French Camino route to join up with the Camino del […]

Day 6: A Day of Extremes

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Today started out with high winds and ended with a thunderstorm. In between we crossed huge expanses of pasture and had our longest day yet—nine hours with only short breaks. The wildflowers along the trail and in the fields have changed from one resembling a daffodil to smaller, yellow ones. We got to our gîte […]

A Milestone

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The dismal weather of Wednesday and Thursday gave way to sunny skies. And it shows in the photos. We passed the 100 Kilometer mark today. We’re anticipating this will be over 1600 km total—over a thousand miles. Tomorrow is scheduled to be a ten hour day—our longest yet. Sunnier shots in the video

Wildlife Makes an Appearance

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We haven’t seen any wildlife so far other than birds—we don’t count slugs or raw escargot—not even rabbits or squirrels. So it was a surprise to see two deer bounding across a field. Another drizzly day. But we do get to sport our customized backpack covers. Art courtesy of our friend Julie. She used acrylic […]

Day 2: Farm Country

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Last night we had a communal dinner at our gîte (French for pilgrim hostel) with a dozen other pilgrims. Fortunately, we were seated next to English speakers: a young woman from Belgium, a grandmother from Quebec, and a French mother who was walking for a week with her husband, son, and daughter. They go home […]

Stopover in Paris: Notre Dame

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We arrived in Paris this afternoon and will spend three nights here before we take a train this Friday—Good Friday—to Le Puy, the starting point of our pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in the far reaches of Spain. Our Airbnb is in the Latin Quarter. Only a few blocks away is Notre Dame. In our […]

The Inner Journey Continues

Posted by on Mar 30, 2022 in The Camino | 4 Comments

God, COVID, and Putin-head willing, we set off on a new adventure in April. Six years ago we were inspired by the movie The Way to hike the Camino de Santiago across Spain. Laurie wanted an experience that separated our work lives from our new, retired ones. We sold our house, put our remaining belongings […]

A Slice of Small Town Italian Life

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“The Creator made Italy by designs from Michelangelo.” Mark Twain Before this trip when we thought of Italy, the big cities came to mind: Rome, Venice, Florence. The most eye opening part of our journey has been experiencing small town Italy: villages with a population of 500 or so, with lineages to a time before […]

City of the Saint

The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today. Francis of Assisi The city of Saint Francis teased us. From more than two hours, away we could see the basilica, prominent at the west end of the city. But we were excited—fifteen days after hiking out of Florence the hometown […]

Packing for a Walk Across Spain

This list is focused on hiking the Camino de Santiago. But other travelers might get good tips on how to travel light. When we walked the Camino de Santiago we knew that packing light was going to be key to our success. Every extra pound meant more stress on feet, and knees, and energy required. […]

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